In this website one will find valuable information related to different facets of media. As we know, media is continuously expanding and evolving rapidly in more ways than one. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the media that we speak of, and the media that exists.

In the beginning of the website, you will find an analysis of the current scenario of media industries around the world. Apart from thorough explanations on media literacy, there are posts dedicated to exploring the relationships between media, society, and economic innovations. It is crucial to understand that media innovation serves as a breakthrough in raising the bar of media education.

The onset of technological and digital revolution has caused the boundaries between countries to diminsocial-media-550766_960_720ish. This has in turn led to media globalisation. Hence, it is necessary to understand intercultural communication to visualise the media of the future. The issue of transcultural media as the hopeful child of media globalization will also be discussed. In a matter of years, the future of global media agencies looks quite bright.

However, it is essential to know that the change comes with a lot of responsibilities. The ever changing media landscape of the globe needs people, educators, practitioners, and media professional to comply with the brought about spontaneous changes. Therefore, the website throws some light on the necessity of media literacy, and required reforms in the media education.

Lastly, there is an analysis on how the Internet has changed the face of almost every game including media.

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