Ex-Liverpool player Kolo Toure moves to Celtic FC

Latest news from the sports and football has everyone buzzing about the latest transfer of Kolo Toure to one of the top Scottish clubs. Celtic FC has just acquired a significant boost in their team after signing Kolo Toure to a one-year contract. To both parties’ delight, the former Liverpool defender made a bold move to join the Scottish club. The Celtic manager, Brendan Rodgers, has cited the player’s vast experience as one of the main reasons why he wanted him on his team.


Both the team manager and Toure are positive he will fit right in, quickly finding his place at Celtic Park. Rodgers hopes the 35-year-old’s experience will contribute greatly to the quality of the game and help the centre-halves. With quite a few young, enthusiastic players already lined up, someone with more experience and a better grasp of the game, such as Kolo Toure, can improve the team’s efforts and make everyone step-up their game. The ex-Liverpool defender has also shown enthusiasm about the transfer and stated that it is a privilege for him to be part of one of the biggest clubs in the world. Brendan Rodgers has already worked closely with Toure as he is a former Liverpool manager. Which is why the decision to make the transfer came naturally to both of the parties, Rodgers also mentioned that Kolo Toure is a remarkable player and a wonderful person as well.

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Various claims have been made that this move by Toure is going to result in a wind-down of his long-standing career, but the Ivory Coast player denied that prognosis. He stated that he arrived to do his best and play with utter drive and dedication, aiming to meet everyone’s expectations and justify the faith placed in him by the manager, players and the fans. Having previously played for some of the truly greatest clubs in the world, such as Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester City, the football veteran is determined to prove to the world he is at the peak of his game.

The Scottish champions are on the hunt for another addition to their ranks for this round of the competition, as their next match is scheduled for Wednesday when they’ll face FC Astana in Kazakhstan. But, as for Toure, he is looking forward to the friendly match against Barcelona this weekend. Toure’s impact in the last few seasons was substantial, and he has proven himself as a valuable player numerous times. The veteran centre-back played a crucial part in Liverpool, always acquiring a senior role in the team. Rodgers hopes to see some of this outstanding performance in the Scottish club as well. After two Premier League winners medals and three FA Cups behind his name, Toure is looking forward to playing the Champions League.

How well the 35-year-old veteran will fit in with the younger team, remains to be seen, but everybody is showing confidence and much faith in the Ivorian footballer. He is probably not going to participate in the upcoming match against FC Astana, but a chance for him to meet the expectations is soon to come.