Eye to Eye with Transcultural Communication

When it comes to concepts of communication one can say that the transcultural communication approach is related to an action-oriented concept of communication or a practice-oriented notion.

Unlike cross or intercultural communication that tends to study contacts between individuals from different cultures that are assumed to be discrete entities, transcultural communication believes all cultures to be inherently mixed.

In the arena of transcultural communication, in the last decade, the development of global media platforms has been rampant. Most of the media conglomerates look at the globe as their target audience and create content that can be consumed by all.

Recently Netflix, an American multinational provider, expanded its services to one hundred and ninety countries. In doing so, the media consumption pattern of these nations will be changed. The globally marketed media platforms need to produce globally accepted content. Netflix h8631695619_eb55071a11as had many shows that have challenged cultural and gender stereotypes and helped its audiences in giving a new global vision. Some examples include shows like Orange is the New Black, Girls and, Breaking Bad. It also has a collection of educational and informational documentaries that its users can easily access. It is only the beginning of reforms in consumption of media that is going to change the mindsets. Hence, mass produced media culture becomes the peril of the transcultural communication.

Transculturalism is the phenomenon that has been brought out by the interactional aspect of cultures made inevitable by globalization. With the amalgamation of two vital philosophies – Globalization and Transculturalism, the world will develop new approaches to culture and cosmopolitan outlook.

After an intensive economic exchange in the last three decades, the world became a consumer economy and observed a process consumer culture. However, at this stage with mediatization of the world, Globalization finally can merge with Transculturalism. Transculturalism was the intended purpose of the globalization.