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Youngest ever golf champion crowned from Thailand

Atthaya Thitikul becomes the youngest ever golf champion at 14 years of age. She started at a tender age of six and today she has become the winner of a professional golf tournament. Atthaya Thitikul started her final day of the Ladies European Thailand Championship behind leader Ana Menendez. As soon as the Mexican fell four shots in the first nine holes, Thitikul took the lead. This 14-year-old golfer then took the shots eventually winning by two shots. By winning the Thailand championship, Atthaya Thitikul became the youngest champion beating the previous Brooke Henderson’s record. After winning the tournament, the 14-year-old was elated and overjoyed.  Get some great predictions here.

Golf ball diver survives an alligator attack

A golf ball diver from South Florida found himself attacked by an alligator while he was looking for golf balls. Scott Lahodik went diving for golf balls when he felt the alligator clamp his arm. The alligator held Scott’s arm between his teeth and started to pull him under water. Out of sheer desperation, Scott began to punch the alligator between the eyes. Finally, the alligator lets go of his arm, and Scott managed to get out of the water and get help. Lahodik retired from the military and has since made a career out of diving. The encounter with the alligator left him with 400 stitches in his arm and his diving days looks to have come to an end.

Diver drowns while searching for golf balls

Gareth Pugh went in the water looking for golf balls but little did he know he would never resurface again. This incident took place at Peterstone golf club in South Wales. The supervisor of Pugh, Dale Pike, was held guilty as he had ignored safety guidelines. Gareth Pugh had no diving experience and was also wearing improper equipment. Pike, the founder of Boss Golf Balls, would pay 10p to the golf course for every golf ball and sell them online at a very high price. The court has accused Dale Pike for not providing proper measures and of putting his profit before someone’s life.

Johnny Miller to stay with NBC

Golf analyst Johnny Miller has signed a contract for at least another year with NBC. The 70-year-old has been an analyst for over 25 years. A two-time champion, Miller has been on the chair since 1990. This will be good news for many golf fans as Johnny Miller has been one of the most prolific voices in the sport. He said that he had some other priorities in life. He wanted to be with his grand kids. Still, he feels he can work and analyse even though he is 70.