How Much Time People Spend On The Internet

Internet is a powerful friend. It gives you opportunity to have fun, to become more popular, to make money and even find your soulmate. All these and many more options are the reasons of its popularity. The window which gives you view on the whole world is the window that everyone wants to open. Media and the internet is growing each day, as the number of users multiply. A lot of statistics say how much the usage have increased over the time.

Did you know that there are more than 3 billion users of internet across the world? That is almost half of the overall population and the number is rising in every moment. Asian countries are leading and take the biggest percent. Adults are consuming media and internet in many different ways. Computers and laptops are the main devices, followed by different tablets and smartphones. Nowadays, most electronic devices have internet connection and serve as versatile machines.

The main question is related to daily consumption of internet among people. It is measured that adults spend nearly 29 hours a week in watching what is happening online. That is quite more than last year, when the average amount was 27 hours a week and the comparison with the last decade might be quite interesting. Ten years ago, only 11 hours a week was an average time that people spent on the internet. This is a huge difference and an incredible progress of media and the internet popularity. Many suggestions claim that increasing will be even bigger in the future.

If you wonder what people do in those 29 hours a week, the answer is simple. Connecting to other people is the most important habit that users practice online. Social networks, websites for dating, chat rooms, language exchanges and all other aspects of meeting new people are actions that many users combine. Publishing new pictures from your recent holiday, interesting video of your pets or finding someone to learn Japanese can be all possible through the internet. Options are countless and experiences unforgettable. Everyone can find something to enjoy online.

There is one thing to think about. What will future bring? The possible scenario might be a good plot for some modern blockbuster. All people across the world sit in front of the screens and live their reality on the internet. Drinking of coffee with a friend would be a short video call with coffee next to the computer, going to the grocery store will be replaced by few pressings of buttons and job office on the other part of the town will be directly in the comfort of your home. Is this future already a present? Yes, it is. For many people on the planet. And the number gradually increases. There are pros and cons of this fact, but one thing is certain. Media and the internet are a huge part of our lives. The point is to remember that internet does not control us, but we control it by the amount of time and power we give it every day.

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