Internet : The Game changer

The Internet no longer constitutes a separate object of study, but rather has become an integral element of society itself. Manuel Castells has called the rise of user-led content creation and social media as “mass self-communication, ” and this process of ‘mass self-communication’ indeed, is a breakthrough sign in Media Innovation. This is to observe that innovation in media is a process of creating a media product that processes the contrivance of media innovation. All the agents of media innovation are media products created by media practitioners that were developed to facilitate media activities. Media innovation, therefore, is a creation of media good to instigate media process for media usage and media consumption.

It is a clear fact tbusiness-people-1166576_960_720hat Internet has changed several industries over the time and this makes it a major game changer in the media world. Internet has been used creatively as a media tool by several industries, and changed the paradigm of media as we graduate into the world of user – led information and communication every day.

Above all, the most fascinating part about the Internet is the power that it has given to the individuals who love to create media. Many individuals felt deprived of resources and lacked monetary funds before the internet came into existence. This big constraint has been diminished by the Internet, thus taking us to a newly global era of mass communication. Each day we hear of a new innovation in several existing media products led by the Internet. It is fair to establish that each day Internet is making our lives better.

Internet is helping people in creating networks and establishing a chain of information groups. People can opt for a topic of their choice and form a group to further investigate into the topic. This fosters a creative era of its own, and we all are lucky to be a part of it.