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Brooks Koepka’s win raises few concerns

Brooks Koepka has yet again proved that modern day Golf is dominated by physique and tremendous hitting prowess rather than finesse. Relying on his brutish strength, Koepka fends off strong winds on the last day to secure his maiden US Open title. The tournament started off with a tentative atmosphere as the previous year’s meets were subject to controversies. The Wisconsin Course looked to be sluggish from the start, and things went downhill when the tournament turned out to be a low-scoring one with Koepka completing the formalities on the last day of the Open. The fairway widths proved to be productive for Koepka who later admitted that the widths had helped him a lot lately. The brutish strength on offer might not be the prettiest, but it will be wrong to undermine the effort needed to pull off such long heists.


Death of golf stalwart preceded by her beloved a day before

Marshall Jacobs, died at the age of 94, a day after her 68 years long partner and wife Lucille Jacobs. Marshall and Lucille are no ordinary couple as it became national news after the death of Marshall. Marshall had always enjoyed watching golf, and when it was announced that his hometown Wisconsin would have the honor to host US Open 2017, he only wished to be alive until that day. Erin Hills might not have provided an enthralling event, but it was a moment of magic for Bill and Patti’s parents. Marshall devoured those 3 hours like a child as he didn’t miss a single shot during the whole time. Marshall’s health started deteriorating, and a medic was quickly called, but it seemed inevitable. Lucille, a day before had succumbed to a recurring back injury.


Latest reports suggest an €11 million surplus for Prez Trump

Donald Trump’s golf resort at Doonberg has reported a staggering €11 million earning within a span of 15 months. The ‘small potatoes’ as Trump had defined his golf resort as at a presidential campaign in 2016, has generated mouthwatering revenue. The club is currently valued at $5 million to $25 million by Trump. Three disclosure files formed in 2015 by Trump has shown few overlaps, but it is affirmed that Trump has earned the highest from his golf resorts. However, Trump had resigned from his post a day prior to his official Presidential ceremony. Trump does hold the complete ownership of Doonberg Golf Resort and is currently run by TW Venture II LLC, a corporate firm. Tax returns have not been reported yet, but Trump once boasted that his personal wealth was accounted at $10 billion. Papers show little to support his claim, although in his case ‘ lesser the merrier’.