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Conor’s dad to his rescue

Conor McGregor was accused of racism by Floyd Mayweather after the former had asked his nemesis to dance for him, and his daughter to ‘sing for him’. Floyd had none of it and said that he is proud to be a black man, and he is proud to be an American. He went on to say that Conor had disrespected his daughter and his wife. This had sparked a major uproar, and most of them found Conor guilty of using racist remarks. However, Tony McGregor came to his son’s rescue and tried to control the simmering situation stating that “Conor McGregor is not racist,” in an interview with He further added that any sport is irrelevant of race or color, and Conor had no intention of hurting Mayweather and his family’s sentiments.

Conor and Floyd have already engaged in a series of dirty talks, and the former had sported a printed blazer where he took a clear dig at Floyd. Many feel that Floyd has blown the matter out of proportion, and used it as a shield to cope with Conor’s clever digs. 

Worlds Collide to add a new dimension

Conflict MMA and Valor Fights will promote a brand new segment; the Worlds Collide this Saturday night. The hype surrounding this event was heightened after the announcement of the inaugural match that is going to take place between Kobe “The Great Wall” and Luis “The Beast” Pena. This is expected to be the future of MMA. The event will bring in some of the highly rated stars and provide a platform for the blooming stars. However, the Worlds Collide had a predecessor way back in 2000, but it could not live up to the expectations.

Pundits have already expressed their usual sceptical views stating that it would take away the uniqueness and history of MMA. On the other hand, the merger could well breathe new life into the inflated MMA circuit in the future.

Demetrious Johnson to sort out differences with Dana White

In a rather shocking turn of events, Johnson seems keen to brush away all the differences that had popped up a few months ago when Johnson expressed his discontent with the working conditions. Dana White, the company’s president, waved away all his complaints, which seemed to spark major fallout between the two. However, Johnson changed his stance on the whole incident and reiterated that their differences would be sorted out quickly, and they will not make peace through the Internet. It has baffled many as Johnson and White never really saw eye to eye, and fallout seemed inevitable. It could be a change of heart or some other reason, but Johnson remains to be strangely optimistic about his relation with White.

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