Most dangerous Golf courses around the world

Golf is very popular and entertaining sport to play. This is a very exciting game and good to watch. You can enjoy this game with total fun. But for this game, wide areas are required. Many golf grounds are available in forest areas. But there are many golf courses which are in the danger zones. Many difficulties are coming forward to play this game. Golf courses are present in wild areas. So there are various kinds of problems players have to face. You need to feel safe, so it is urgent to know about dangerous and wild areas.

You can get complete information with all risks. If you are going to watch or play golf, you have to know all information about the location. This is needed to keep safe in all conditions. So you are advised to make your trip more enjoyable.

Here is a list of some dangerous areas.


Kabul GC Afghanistan

Kabul is a very critical area to play golf. It is very rough and dubbed area. So it is dangerous for many reasons. This is the most unlikely golf ground in the world. If you are going to this place so, you are requested to read quote related to Kabul golf courses.


Hilton head the USA

Hilton Head, in this case, this is a very beautiful sight to watch or play. But there are lakes and very dangerous alligators present. You could be eaten at any time by this dangerous animal. You can’t go near water with any reason. There is a risk, or you’re going to be eaten alive.


Pyongyang, North Korea

This is one of most dangerous courses in the world. It sits near Taichung Lake. So there is a risk for all types of wild animals. You can go near the edge of the lake. Most of the dangerous animals are ready to harm you with any risk. It is also difficult to play golf near the water or lake.

Panmunjom Korean

Panmunjom is suited near United Nations military post. The border of South and North Korea are about three hundred meters and soldiers are standing with guns. So you have to face many more difficulties to play the game for your entertainment. There are also various problems with artificial grass. You have to play on rugs to get desired requirements to play a game.


Lost City South Africa

Lost City is the fifth most dangerous zone to play golf. There are many more problems to face while playing the game. There is a croc pit to be prohibited. You are restricted to throw any kind of objects towards the crocodiles which can make them furious, so you are advised to keep safe in all conditions.


These golf courses are the most dangerous areas but are also exciting to take risks whilst playing golf. If you live to play with risks, then you have to visit at your own risk. There are many more difficulties players have to face.