Most popular male Equestrian riders

List of famous male equestrians, recorded by their level of outstanding quality with photographs when accessible. This most prominent male equestrians list contains the most unmistakable and top males known for being equestrians. Nearly thousand of men are working as equestrians on the globe; however, this list highlights just the most striking ones. Noteworthy equestrians have endeavoured to wind up distinctly as well as can be expected be, so in case you’re a male trying to be an equestrian than the general population underneath ought to give you motivation.

This list has an assortment of male horse riders in it, from Mark Todd to Jaime Azcarraga.  

Subside Thomsen

Subside Thomsen is known as a German eventing rider. He won the gold award in group eventing at the 2008 Summer Olympics with his steed The Ghost of Hamish, and again at the 2012 Summer Olympics with his horse Barny.


Andreas Dibowski

Andreas Dibowski is known as a German eventing rider. With his steed Butts Leon, he won a gold decoration in group eventing at the 2008 Summer Olympics. He is situated in Dohle, near Hamburg in North Germany where he runs his preparation yard. 


Blunt Ostholt

Blunt Ostholt is known as a German eventing rider. With his horse Mr Medicott, he won a gold decoration in group eventing at the 2008 Summer Olympics. He is hitched to Swedish equestrian Sara Algotsson Ostholt.


Steffen Peters

Steffen Peters is known as a German-conceived equestrian who vies for the United States in dressage. He has partaken in three Olympic Games, winning a bronze decoration at the 1996 Summer Olympics. Dwindles has been effective in various other universal rivalries, including winning group bronze.


Edward Gal

Edward Gal is known as a Dutch dressage rider. He and his latest mount, the horse Moorlands Totilas, were triple gold medalists at the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games, turning into the first steed rider association ever to explain the three open dressage gold awards at a separate FEI World Games. 


Ian Millar

Ian Millar, CM is known as a Canadian Equestrian Team competitor for show hopping. He is a two-time victor of the Show Jumping World Cup and an Olympic silver medalist. Because of his life span and achievements, he is frequently nicknamed “Chief Canada” in his game. He holds the record for generally Olympic.


Eric Lamaze

Eric Lamaze is known as an individual from the Canadian Equestrian Team for show bouncing. He and his best-known steed, Hickstead, finished the uncommon accomplishment of just having one rail fall amid the whole Olympic Games. 


Andrew Nicholson

Andrew Nicholson is known as a New Zealand horseman who has contended at six Olympic Games. Nicholson’s most prominent accomplishment at the universal level has been in Three-Day Event Teams. He won a gold award at the 1990 World Equestrian Games in Stockholm, silver at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona and bronze.