Relation between Media and Social Innovation

Media is the reflection of time and stories. Media is that dimension that not only just reflects the content of the social formations but defines the web of system operating those formations as well. Investigation of media innovation is directly proportional to investigation of the society.

There is an evident co-relation between society and media. Media is the reflection of society; therefore, any development or innovation-taking place in society is directly proportional to media. Society gave birth to media and still shapes its outlook. Societal innovation is Media innovation. However, for the longest time, media considered itself superior to society and developed power-distance between the social-media-862133_960_720two. Media tried to control the society and it did succeed too, but we still had academicians, social scientists, theorists and several other agents of social welfare keeping a tough eye on the media processes. They informed the public about propaganda theories of manufacturing consent and opened our eyes to the truth. (E.g. Noam Chomsky, Theodor Adorno, John Fiske)

Due to ongoing theoretical developments in the field of globalisation and communication, media stands at an entirely new platform. The boundaries of the world are gradually fading socially, economically and socio-politically. Along with the boundaries of the world, boundaries between social industries are disappearing too.

As boundaries between different sectorial industries diminish, new patterns of competition appear. The phenomenal wave of digitization has re-established the rules of media. With the turn of the 21st century and extensive networking due to digitalisation, the power distance between giant media conglomerates and fairly small media businesses are decreasing and there is a constant pressure to create high-context and high-quality content to appeal to the masses too.

This era of user-led content creation brings back the theory of media innovation to square one when the relation between societal innovation and media innovation was established.