Stan Wawrinka beats Djokovic at Tennis US Open 2016

The US open was filled with emotions after Stan Wawrinka beat Djokovic on the court and became the oldest tennis player since 1970 to gain the tennis US open title. Swiss tennis player won 6-7 (1-7) 6-4 7-5 6-3 against Serbian tennis player Djokovic and added another title to his board and creating a little fascinating collection of trophies.

Least to say, it was a really unpredictable outcome as Wawrinka was expected to be an underdog in US open 2016. Mostly due to his struggles in previous games against Djokovic. However, In the recent years, Stan Wawrinka showed a different side of his capabilities when it comes to the finals.

Over the last three years, Wawrinka managed to show extraordinary performances during the finals. He gained ten trophies including the French Open where he played against Djokovic and in 2014 at the Australian Open where he managed to beat Rafael Nadal. Wawrinka has a big secret weapon when it comes to playing at finals. Regarding his own words, he does not panic if the start was not as good as he would want to, rather putting more effort to concentrate and do all he can to drag that fortune out of failure grounds.


At the beginning of the game, Djokovic was performing at his best and making only a few mistakes. It seemed as everything goes as it usually does, and it is just another win that he will gain. However, soon enough, we all saw little change, when Wawrinka started fighting back with fierce force and gaining the edge over Djokovic. In fact, Djokovic has lost only for times in his entire grand-slam history. In return, Wawrinka had won only four times out of 23 previous games against Serbian Djokovic. These facts spice up the news of the recent outcome even more. Little could anyone know, Djokovic would lose, and Stan Wawrinka would proudly hold the grip over his fortunate victory.

Even though Djokovic spent only nine hours on the court to come to the final and Wawrinka spent twice as much, it didn’t succeed in predicting the outcome of the tennis US final 2016. According to the Swiss Wawrinka, he gained confidence only in the second set which in turn brought him the victory. The game was full and fascinating and brought a new light over Wawrinka’s career. Djokovic was confidently holding the edge over the match. However, it seems he started to submit and lack a bit of strength and energy to fight against Wawrinka.

During the game you could tell something is wrong and Djokovic seems uncomfortable. In the fourth set, Djokovic called his coach to help deal¬†with his blisters on his toes. At this time, everyone started feeling a little excited of the unknown, ‘what will happen now’ is he really winning again? Or maybe it is a groundbreaking loss? Well, now we know, it was a groundbreaking win for Wawrinka and for all of us, who love tennis. Indeed, it is impressive as Wawrinka has won 3 out of 3 Grand Slam Finals during his career.