Top reasons why the Premier League is yet to be as good as the La Liga:


La Liga teams effective worldwide not only in Europe:

It is a surprising statistic when you see that out of the last twelve international trophies to be won in club football, Spanish clubs have won all twelve of them with Real Madrid winning the Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA World Cup twice, Barcelona winning all these trophies once and Sevilla winning the UEFA Europe League for consecutive three times. That is sheer domination from the La Liga teams not only in Europe but globally. In the last 16 years out of 64 International club trophies, Premier League teams have won only 8 of them while La Liga teams have won 30 of those.




Yes it is true that there is a myth with people believing that La Liga is not as competitive as the Premier League. it is not the truth. Since Premier League’s introduction, there have only been six different winners including Leicester City while La Liga has had five different winners. Sevilla and Atletico Madrid have stepped up to make the title race more competitive. While on paper Real Madrid and Barcelona destroy some minnows it is also true that these minnows sometimes astonish the giants like Las Palmas and Eibar have done this season. The overall quality of football in La Liga is lot more technical which makes it a better competition.



Ronaldo and Messi:

One just cannot argue on this point. Ronaldo and Messi are two of the best players on this planet. There is no arguing about that. The things they do are unexplainable and magical at times. Very few players come close to the quality Ronaldo and Messi possess let alone the consistency of their performances. Both these great players play for two of the most prestigious clubs and there is no other league that displays individual skills as thoroughly as the La Liga courtesy both these legends. The Premier League has lacked a player of such quality ever since Ronaldo’s move to Real Madrid.



Quality of Football:

The major difference between the Premier League and the La Liga is the quality of football played. Spanish football is always known to be one of the most technical ways of playing it while the Premier League has more physicality to it. Even the smaller sides in the La Liga provide some fascinating technical football with amazing tactics while in England such teams go for either the long ball or the traditional bus parking and counter attacking style. Of course, both are enjoyable but when it comes to big games, it is the technicality that has been more victorious and that is why the Premier league needs to get more tactical rather than physical.




La Liga is deeply rooted in the Spanish culture while the Premier League has no such specific culture. Every Spanish team represents some or the other culture which itself increases the intensity of the clashes while there is no culture as such to fight for, for the English teams. Of course, the arch rivalry between teams will always be there but there is no significant history or basis as to intensify the importance of clashes in the Premier League when compared to the La Liga.