Top Ten Managers of the Premier League

Ranked according to the average points per game below are the top ten best Premier League managers. Only those who have managed the equivalent, or more, of a full modern season (38 games) are included.


10. Roy Evans (Liverpool) Averaged 1.72 points per game

roy evans (3)
Replaced Grahame Souness, who resigned after a humiliating FA Cup defeat to Bristol City, Roy Evans rescued a dour Liverpool and restored them to the top three of English football.


9. Gianluca Vialli (Chelsea) 1.74 PPG


A player-manager who would continue to push Chelsea’s continental drift from the mid-table to the upper echelon of the league. Finishing 3rd and 5th in his only two full seasons at the club he eventually left because of disagreements with some of the major stars at the club.


8. Kenny Dalglish (Blackburn, Newcastle United, Liverpool) 1.78 PPG

Kenny-Dalglish-1 (2)

Only the 3rd manager to win the top-flight league with two different clubs. Kenny Dalglish was one of the first to demonstrate what could be achieved if you were willing to throw money at a Premier League club. Finishing 4th in their first premier league campaign then following it up by being the first club to wrestle the title from the grip of Manchester United, Kenny Dalglish along with the money of Jack Walker took Blackburn to the top. This was followed by a disappointing spell at Newcastle United. Presently he is managing Liverpool back to where they belong.


7. Claudio Ranieri (Chelsea) 1.82 PPG


Affectionately known as ‘the tinker man’, Claudio was in charge when Roman Ambrovich bought the club and offered a blank checkbook to sign players. His highest finish was 2nd to Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ and he was responsible for Chelsea having the backbone of John Terry, Frank Lampard, Petr Cech and Claude Makelele that would support their future successes.


6. Rafal Benitez (Liverpool) 1.9 PPG


Turning Liverpool into a home from home, Rafal Benitez signed eight players from his birth country when he first took over Liverpool. He managed to steadily improve Liverpool’s position in the league from the fifth spot to a close second to Manchester United in 2009. His following season was to be his final, regressing to a seventh place finish, following a falling out with key players and the board.


5. Arsène Wenger (Arsenal) 1.99 PPG 

arsene-wenger-fc-arsenal-premier-league-12282015_dsbji6pilssf11hkp2fw8q8zg (3)

Wegner’s quiet intelligence has sometimes been invaded by the infectious passion and madness of the Premier League. Resurrecting an old side who were in a decline from their glory days and introducing a policy of signing young foreign talent. Wegner built the modern Arsenal: lavish and continental but also financially responsible. Winner of the league three times he also oversaw the famous Invincibles who went for a full Premier League season undefeated.


4. Roberto Mancini (Manchester City) 2.01 PPG

mancini_galeri (3)

A toned down Jose Mourinho: intelligent but not arrogant, reserved but not awkward, Mancini has come to oversee the latest bankrolled ascent to the Premier League summit. Finishing 3rd in his first full season, largely instructing his team to play in a negative manner, he is at present trying to turn Manchester City into the most dominant exciting team to ever grace the Premier League.


3. Carlo Ancelotti (Chelsea) 2.07 PPG

ancelotti_3463284b (3)

Winning the FA Cup and the league in his first season with a team that scored a record 103 goals, you have to wonder: where could they go from there? Starting the next season in the same fashion, five straight wins (two of them 6-0), the hangover of the previous season double kicked in towards Christmas. A late season recovery saw them march on to 2nd place, 6 points off the title.


2. Alex Ferguson (Manchester United) 2.16 PPG

fergie-g_2557839b (2)

On all other scales, demonstrably the greatest manager the English Leagues have ever seen. 12 titles out of 19 Premier League seasons. He built a series of teams that have defined the Premier League, nurturing the best of talent and coming out on top in the mental battle against a series of contenders, Alex Ferguson is probably the biggest contributor to the success the Premier League has become.


1. Jose Mourinho (Chelsea) 2.33 PPG
jose-mourinho_3125826b (2)
Winning the league two out of his three seasons in charge, his place at the top is brought about by Chelsea’s phenomenal points tally of 95 (averaging 2.5 points per game) and 91 (2.4) in his first and second season respectively. Shevchenko, supposedly brought in by the chairmen as a vanity signing, seem to sour both the team’s efficacy and Mourinho’s relationship with his employer, leading to a downward trajectory and a mutual parting. Would Jose Mourinho be able to manage the sustained success of Alex Ferguson? It remains unknown. He seemingly induces glory where ever he manages and currently holds the highest points per average manager of any Premier League Manager. Mourinho ceases to be controversial, even in bare statistics.