Vice media is restlessly expanding

As most of you might know, Vice Media is a company that derived from Vice Magazine, which was a company based in North America (Canada mainly). They focused on distributing and broadcasting media news, relating all kinds of new technologies and media. Although they own online websites where they post as well these articles, information and content in general, they also distribute their information by other means, like for example their news “channel” Vice News. But nowadays they are mostly strong at mobile devices.
What is amazing about this company is that it has been expanding since the very beginning in an outstanding way. Originally they moved from Canada to New York when they started to become popular, then they opened more offices in Brooklyn. But since the early 2000’s they have been expanding internationally, taking their first steps into the UK and then carrying on by launching a lot of different channels and services worldwide.

Vice media recently
They have recently been expanding to some of the continents that were still not covered by their services. These continents are Asia, Africa and the Middle East, which is not a continent itself but a group of countries to which some of them belong to different continents. They have also made some commercial deals with Indian companies such as Times Group of India so they could launch several services in that country – TV, mobile and online content to everyone with access to such devices. This will create a lot of employment in the country, which is going to be good for the local economy.
In the Middle East, they have achieved some deals with their TV providers in order to deliver their services to 12 countries, including some with a great population like, for example, Afghanistan.
On Vice Media, they realised they can afford to do all of these deals for one simple reason. Funding. It is true that they actually generate an awful lot of money with their products and no one can negate they know what they’re doing because their performance and growing has been incredible, but we must admit as well that there are gigantic companies that have supported their expansion campaigns and bought their shares on the market. In this case, we are talking about Disney and 21st Century Fox. Between these companies, they have managed to get an international reputation which would have been hard to achieve otherwise.
What is the only concern about this recent expansion?

Repression, most likely. They are still a bit scared about how the country will react to their media. It is evident that the youth will be happy for them to arrive at their lives, but the truth is that the government might not be that happy with some information to be posted. These countries are known, among other things, for controlling media that’s distributed to their citizens, and some articles or news coming from Vice Media; particularly the ones related to politics and army, which aren’t many but relevant. They said they would need to hire a specialised team in order to modify the content they emit on their media channels so it doesn’t interfere with sensible aspects of the country.