Weekly Motorsport News

Toro Rosso confirms Pierre Gasly for next race

Toro Rosso has finally revealed that Pierre Gasly will make his official debut at the Malaysian Grand Prix. The team is very eager to see how Gasly handles the track and even have rested Daniil Kvyat for the next few races. Boss Franz Tost decided to rest Kvyat because of the crash in the Singapore race. Although racing for Toro Rosso, Kvyat is still an integral part of the Red Bull team. Tost was very excited to see how Gasly would fare as he has done very well in the Super Formula series and winning the GP title in 2016. Tost also believes that Pierre Gasly can provide some serious contention and even win the title. Gasly should be back on the track for Malaysia & Japan but will miss the United States Grand Prix. Pierre exclaimed that he was very excited to work with Toro Rosso and would do his best in the races.

Paul di Resta returning for Williams in 2018

Paul di Resta has been on and off the racing track since 2013. It is very difficult for a racer to come back once going off but Paul has made a promise for a staunch comeback next year. He was first a reserve driver for Williams back in 2016. He might have never got the chance to drive until Budapest. Felipe Massa was unable to take part due to illness and he was the replacement driver. No one had much faith in the rookie who had hardly raced before. But Paul proved them wrong and ran a pretty decent race picking up speed with the passing laps. Then he retired stating he was not comfortable racing in the car. It would have been difficult for di Resta to return at this time when there is cutthroat competition. His qualifying session in Hungary provided him with a serious opportunity to get back in the track. Paul di Resta, once was considered to be the next big thing but then after a few disappointing starts he fell through. Now it looks he is back again and with one of the oldest racing giants to his name.

McLaren can conciliate on special payment

McLaren executive director Zak Brown said that they might have to give up on the bonus payment. Brown who is very much in favor of a budget cap said that they are ready to compromise the special bonus if it will help even the field. McLaren’s payment was around $30 million this year where Ferrari had $35 million while Mercedes and Red Bull had $39 million. McLaren believe that there should be budget cap so that all the teams would be more or less equal in respects of budget.