What makes Pep Guardiola better than Jose Mourinho

5. Outsmarted Mourinho time and again

The rivalry between Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola has been intense for years and is probably more talked about than the one between Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger. The rivalry started in the La Liga with both managers going strongly for the Spanish league title. It was then that Pep started dominating Mourinho with more success with Barcelona. Even after parting ways, going into different leagues, Pep has been more successful and even in the Premier League; it seems Pep has found his way to outsmart the Portuguese manager.

4. Transfer market

Both managers heavily depend on a good transfer market to perform better with the club they are managing. While it is not solely on the manager to have a good transfer market, it is necessary he demands the right players and fills the weaknesses and void in his squad. With a season experience in the Premier League, Pep left no stone unturned to make sure he gets the players he wants and has strengthened his squad to its very best. While Jose didn’t have a bad transfer either, he did fail to fill in that quality of players he could have benefited with.

3. Effective use of possession

Manchester United have enjoyed a good share of possession in almost every match this season, and the same can be said about Pep’s Manchester City. But the biggest difference has been the utilisation of this possession. Mourinho’s side has lacked that cutting edge at times and failed to capitalisation in the domination they have had in various games. On the other hand, City have been incredibly ruthless and effective with their creativity and possession. The use of possession has been one of the biggest differences that has separated the two sides this season.

2. Using his key players

Manchester United have seen Paul Pogba become their most influential player but unfortunately the influence of players like Mkhitaryan, Shaw and other important players. While Pep has brought some significant improvement in players like Sterling, Sane, Stones and other players, which turns out has helped the team incredibly. Getting the most out of their key players has been an important factor, and Pep has been better in this department than Mourinho.

1. Fearless attacking

We have seen time and again this season that Mourinho has gone for a defensive approach especially in games where United have faced the top six in the Premier League. It is safe to say that it has not been effective as United failed to get all the three points against City, Chelsea and Liverpool. On the other hand, Pep has had a very attacking approach with loads of possession. The fearless attacking has got them crucial points especially late in the game, which is why City are at the top and United are not.