Why Arsenal must replace Arsene Wenger with Carlo Ancelotti

5. Ancelotti’s history

Carlo Ancelotti has managed some of the biggest clubs in the world. He has won trophies with AC Milan, PSG, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. He has what it takes to manage a club with rich history and a big statue. He has managed Chelsea in the Premier League so he is aware of what the league demands and given his record, he should be the one Arsenal should go after to replace Arsene Wenger.


4. His management style

One thing we have seen Arsenal struggle is, with having a plan B when in need. The Gunners have been predictable on the pitch which has hindered their chances of getting the right result. Ancelotti is known to use three midfielders in his line up with two attacking players supporting the striker. It has worked well in the past as it allows the players to play free-flowing football which should bring the best out of the Gunners.


3. Signing top players

Over the past few years, it has been obvious that some of the best players have constrained themselves from joining the Gunners. Since the arrival of Ozil and Sanchez, Arsenal have stopped attracting big players. It has been their performance that is the concern and also the fact that Arsene has not been that effective. With Ancelotti, that shouldn’t be a problem with his reputation. Ancelotti is highly regarded by some of the top players, and it is unlikely that a player will turn down an offer to play under Carlo Ancelotti.


2. The Champions League factor

It is surprising how a club of Arsenal’s stature has not won the Champions League a single time. On the other hand, Ancelotti has been very successful when it comes to achieving success in Europe. He has won the Champions League thrice in his managerial career which speaks volumes about his capabilities. It is a huge factor when it comes to choosing the next manager, and this should definitely prompt Arsenal fans to give Ancelotti all the backing he needs.


1. Bringing back to where Arsenal belong

Arsenal was once an assured title challenger in the Premier League but gone have those days. It has been more a top-four qualification race every single season for the Gunners. Arsenal started the season well but lost their consistency as Christmas arrives. This is something Ancelotti is good at in Madrid, Ancelotti was able to win the much awaited La Decima with the right backing. With the appropriate support of the fans and the board, Ancelotti has all the elements to take Arsenal back to the top.