Why Manchester United will win the Europa League:

      Solid defence:

Bearing all the criticism in mind, one cannot deny that Jose Mourinho’s men have been very impressive defensively. Mourinho has been unlucky with his attackers not being clinical upfront all season. Had United taken their chances, United might not have needed to win the Europa League to qualify for the Champions League. In any case, Jose Mourinho can be proud how his team have done defensively. United have shown great character especially lately when they have been struggling with a lot of injuries, and yet they managed to keep clean sheets against the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City. In the Europa League, United have conceded only thrice in seven matches which is incredible. It is a key factor that can help them sneak a win in the finals.

Quality and experienced players:

United have a deep squad with a lot of quality, arguably better than the remaining teams in the tournament. With the likes of Wayne Rooney, Juan Mata, Ashley Young and Michael Carrick, they still have a lot of experience available. Young players have shown great character when needed especially Marcus Rashford. United look much balanced without considering whom they face in the final, may it be Ajax or Lyon. They have those players in the team who can win it for them and given their recent performances, one can expect United to win the Europa League.


      Premier League inconsistency:

As wrong as it does sound, it is true that United have not been consistent enough to win matches in the Premier League. They are on a great unbeaten run with a lot of draws in it, which has made their chances of ending in the top four in a lot of doubt. With time, Mourinho has given more importance to winning the Europa, resting key players and it is no doubt that he will do it in the remaining time until the final to make sure he has the best possible lineup for the finale.


      Jose Mourinho doesn’t lose them:

Jose Mourinho is a fantastic manager, and slowly but surely he is getting United at the level they should be. His track record in European games is quite impressive. He hasn’t lost a game in the knockout stages of the Europa League and it is because of his tactical brilliance. Mourinho knows the secret to winning the big games, he did it recently against Chelsea, and it’ll come as no surprise if he does it well in the Europa League final.


      They need it more than anything else:

United are desperate to get back in the Champions League next season given the failure last season. With the top four chances turning slim match after match, it is natural that United will give their very best to win the Europa League final. Mourinho needs it more if he wants to improve the quality of the squad and get new quality players. These players can only be signed if United have the Champions League next season, and therefore the hunger to win the Europa League is going to intensify if United manage to qualify for the finals.