Why Marouane Fellaini should no longer feature for Manchester United’s first team:

  1. Not United quality:

Many raised their eyebrows when Marouane Fellaini was signed by David Moyes from Everton to solve United’s midfield crisis. It is safe to say very few were in favour of the Belgian featuring regularly. United have witnessed some great midfielders in the form of Paul Scholes, Roy Keane, Michael Carrick, etc. but when it comes to Fellaini, one just does not get the feel that he can even come close to what these guys have done. He lacks the quality needed in the middle of the park.

  1. Lacks what is needed in midfield:

Since the retirement of Paul Scholes, United have struggled immensely to dominate the tempo of the game. It was comforting having Scholes in your midfield, but it has all gone haywire since then. Not that Fellaini should be compared to Scholes, but United desperately needed a presence in midfield. While Fellaini has been physically present, his game-play has lacked what should be supplied from the midfield. He has struggled to pass well and also failed to win the ball back. Sometimes, he has been nothing but a liability on the field for United.

  1. Poor discipline:

The Belgian was always a naughty player. Even in his Everton days, he was sent off multiple times and was guilty of committing unnecessary fouls. Fellaini as a player lacks the composure required upfront to produce a calm finish and at the same time, he lacks the calmness needed to make decisions while defending. His poor foul against Everton cost United two points recently, depicting how he has gone wrong multiple times at United.

  1. Does not suit the United style:

United are known to play attacking football in spite of their poor form in the last three years. Fellaini was used as a target man at Everton while at United, he struggles to find a place in that role with better options available. Also, his passing has been very poor at times slowing down United’s tempo. He is no more the aerial threat he used to be and has now completely lost the confidence of supporters in him.

  1. Not needed:

Jose Mourinho provided a lot of chances to Fellaini from the beginning of the season even when the fans protested it. At times, he was impressive, but he lacked consistency and quality. Jose has some good options available now and now Marouane Fellaini is one of those players who may leave come this January. Fellaini has lost place in the starting XI and with how things are right now, it is only a matter of time before United plan to sell him unless he changes his performances drastically.